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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Like Windows to Whatever

I've been jumping a lot since last night. I actually got breakfast in London this morning (mmm... scones and clotted cream). So far, I haven't felt any horrible atomic rearrangements, and I have yet to end up with a fly's head, so I assume that everything's going okay during these jumps.

This afternoon, though, I decided to experiment. I tried to see what would happen if I pictured two locations at once. For my first exotic location, I chose Hawaii, and for the other, I chose... my bedroom (what? that way if I get torn in half, one half is close to medical aid). Instead of undergoing the string theory equivalent of the rack, I found that I was still in my bedroom. Right in front of me, though, was a beach in the middle of my bedroom. I poked my head in, smelled the salt in the air, and decided that yeah, it was Hawaii.

So, I can create portals. This is good if I ever decide to let anyone in on my little secret and start a travel agency. The weird part is, I don't really know how I got the idea to think about two different places. It just... happened. Weird (and trust me, that's a relative term these days).


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