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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More Zombie Madness, Part One

I met up with Quint for patrol last night. After he reached eye level with me, he started in with the zombie report.

"Demons," he said. "Demons were riding the corpses."

What a punctual way to start to conversation. "Demons? As in 'could-it-be-SATAN' demons?"

"Yes. Technically, they are the legion; Hell's footsoldiers, and the lowest of the low. They usually seek escape from the Pit through possession of weak souls or empty shells. Many sorcerers will summon one up for party tricks."

"Since when has vomiting pea soup been considered a party trick?"

"There's an audience for everything. But what worries me is the vast volume of legions summoned. The demons I talked to said they were summoned all at once."

"And that's bad, I'm guessing."

"Usually, sorcerers will use all their power to summon one demon, who they can bend to their will. It is harder to control more than one demon. Whoever did this wanted chaos, and it's logical to assume that he will try again. Tonight, we will search for whoever did this, and find out what he's planning for next."

So, what happened during our patrol? Well, you'll have to find wiat to find out until I get back from work. Sorry.


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