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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More Zombie Madness, Part Two

So Quint and I go out hunting for whoever's making the walking dead walk. We shake down a few minor supernaturally-based bad guys (including El Hechicero), but they won't tell us anything. Finally, we stumble across a Tarot reader in Port Richmond who tells us that her psychic friends network* has been picking up strange disturbances all night in Manayunk.

We port in to where she's been picking up said disturbances in the Force: an abandoned warehouse on the banks of the Schuylkill. I give her a free trip back before we head in to investigate.

"We're dealing with someone who uses unconventional magic," Quint warns me. "If you get in any trouble, then leave. I'll take care of the sorcerer myself."

"And if you can't?"

"I will," he insists. Was that ego, or is he still worried after the whole "thaumatic smackdown" incident?

We find a door into the warehouse. It's locked, of course, so Quint manages to give it a little "massage" with a mini-earthquake until the lock pops open.

And a whole bunch of shambling corpses burst out of the door.

"Go!" he yells. I quickly port out to on top of the warehouse, and Quint floats up soon after. Once we get a good vantage point, I start porting them out into space while Quint keeps lobbing fireballs at them.

"Maybe this guy just likes zombies," I suggest between attacks. "Ever thought of that?"

"There's a good possibility he's just doing this for shits and giggles," he said after impaling a zombie with a rapidly-growing stalagmite**, "but I still suspect it's something else. We'll search the warehouse after our undead friends go back to the undiscovered country."

Once all the zombies were dead (well, again), Quint and I started looking around the warehouse. It was your usual devil worshipping paraphernalia: inverted pentagrams, books written in blood, dessicated corpses of animals, etc. Actually, I'm being a bit too flippant: this was my first encounter with anything I could come close to describing as occult up close and personal. And to be honest, it felt... evil.

"I found something," Quint said, startling me so much I almost hit the roof.


"A map." The map in question showed Philly, and had a line drawn in marker running through Manayunk and Germantown.

"I'm guessing that line runs through where the zombies showed up in Germantown and this little shop of horrors," I ventured.

"Correct. This," he said while running his finger along the line, "is the Northern Eagle Line. It is a ley line, a source of great mystical energy."

"You think it's giving our sorcerer the ability to summon up the buttloads of demons?"

"It's a very strong possibility. But there's one problem: if he's using these demons to terrify the populace, then why keep them locked up? And if he's using them in an attempt to cripple the city, then why not release them at the same time as their undead comrades in Germantown?"

After securing the warehouse, we went on a cursory patrol for street-level crime. After that, we parted, I went home to sleep, and... well, I already said what happened in my sleep, didn't I?

I wonder if I'll see her again tonight.

*Why, yes, I do realize that joke sucks. It was the best I could come up with.
**Note to self: never piss off Quint.


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