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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Not rape

At least, I don't think so. It's confusing.

We got a call from the police today. When they did the rape kit, they not only checked for signs of anal and oral rape, but used swabs on my... well, you know. When I asked why, the doctor said that if the girl I'd talked to had raped me, there'd probably be "ejaculate" (G-d, doctors are always so formal) left over, even if she'd thought to put a condom on first; if there wasn't, then the odds would suggest that whatever happened to me, it wasn't rape.

The test came back negative.

So, while I'm glad I probably wasn't raped, I still have no idea what happened. The cops say that, since the girl probably drugged me, they're going to still look for her, but on charges of "possessing a controlled substance".

I'm still going to work tomorrow. Not because I'm a "brave little soldier", but because I need to move on. It happened. I might never know what "it" was, but I need to move on, do stuff. I can't just keep waiting for a miracle to happen and answers to suddenly appear.


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