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Monday, May 23, 2005

Pain Update

I no longer ache in any strange places. I think I'm good to go on patrol.

Oh, yeah; after my last post, I did some research on La Santa Muerte.
. As the story says, it's what happens when paganism hits Catholicism at high speed. Like in santeria, people pray to a saint to help them-- in this case, Saint Death. People say prayers and offer small sacrifices to statues of the "saint" in return for help in a certain area. Prayers before a white statue bring luck or a cure from illness, prayers before red ones cast love spells-- and prayers before black ones help those seeking vengeance.

I'm guessing Los Huesos were trying to lay the magical whammy on a rival gang, and Quint and I stopped them before they could do so. I'll ask him about this when we go out tonight.


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