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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Don't Know if You Can Die in Dreams...

...but you can certainly feel like you're going to.

I had the dream again. It went as it normally does: me hearing Lyra's name, me inquiring about the location of my pants, Lyra telling me I was chosen for a reason. Then came the pain. I felt like my brain was tearing itself apart. When I woke up (which, trust me, I did quickly), I had the mother of all migraines.

Did I mention this was all of two hours ago, and it still has yet to go away? Man, work's gonna be a bucket of laughs today.

As for patrol, last night was a bit more action-packed. There was car crash in Manayunk (Punch got the guy out, then I ported the burning wreck into the Schuylkill before it exploded), a mugging in Chinatown, and a cat up a tree in Mt. Airy.

You read that right: a cat up a tree. I ported a little fuzzball who'd been facing crippling acrophobia for the past six hours out of a tree at the behest of a little girl. At least I'm building up my rep with the kiddie set. Doc Tesseract is for the children!


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