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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Well, I called in sick to work today. At 8:30, I'm going to port into Philly, and hopefully we'll be able to take down Talin.

Last night wasn't exactly the world's greatest boost of confidence. While we were out on patrol together, Zulfikar told us all about Talin.

"He's a radical Palestinian," he said. "He joined the Sword of Fire after his wife was killed in an assassination attempt on a Hamas leader by the IDF. He's been connected to a nightclub bombing in Haifa and the hijacking of an El Al flight out of Zurich."

"So, why is he hitting the Liberty Bell?" I asked. "I mean, isn't that the HOLLYWOOD sign all over again? Why not just spraypaint 'fuck you' on a flag?"

"He's not attacking the Liberty Bell directly. He's using the Bell as the epicenter for his attack. Talin's got the ability to generate radiation."

"You're saying he's going to nuke Philly?"

"Most likely. He'll probably kill himself in the process, but I don't think he cares much about his own life anymore."

So, yay. I'm probably gonna be the last line of defense in keeping Philly from glowing green. Now I'm really feeling sick.


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