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Friday, August 05, 2005


Well, we finally got a little excitement last night.

It was still early in the evening, and it was still quiet. Judy and I were playing Twenty Questions ("Can you kill a man with it?" "Not effectively, no.") while Punch was fiddling with the police scanner. Next thing I know, I hear something like G-d himself hitting the ground, and I'm knocked to the ground. Once I'm back on my feet, I notice that something's happened to the tip of the towerl.

It's no longer there.

It doesn't take long for me to realize where it went. I look around, and see that I'm standing amongst wood and metal. Someone just blew the top off City Hall!

"You okay?" I hear Judy yell. I turn around; she's using her TK to toss aside a huge chunk of wood. "Damnit, I almost got crushed by that thing," she says, gesturing in the general direction of the chunk. "Just what the hell happened?"

"Someone fought--," Punch starts. Then he goes silent. "Holy crap, I think the perp's talking over the scanner!"


"Hey, you watch enough Law and Order, it rubs off on you. Listen to this."

With that, the scanner, usually a whisper to me and Judy, cranks up, and we hear a voice that sounds like Darth Vader with a head cold.

"...the beginning. I repeat. This is Catalyst, the instrument of change. The old systems of government are a thing of the past. The voice of the people can no longer be stifled. Tonight was a warning to the people of Philadelphia and the rest of the United States. Our nation must change. This is inevitable. Tonight's incident was planned so that no one would be harmed. If you are unwilling to cooperate, I can assure you: I will not be so generous in the future.

"My demands are simple: the government of the city of Philadelphia must step down. The mayor, the councilmen-- all must abdicate. The role of governing shall be turned over to the people. After the people of Philadelphia demonstrate their success in establishing a self-sufficient body, the rest of America will see the light and follow in our step.

"Times are about to change, and all will be better if you go along with it. Remember; this is only the beginning. I repeat..."

Punch turns down the radio. "Anarchists?" he says.

"Fuck me," says Judy. "I mean, say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, at least it's an ethos."

Punch and I just stare at her. "I just thought it would be best to lighten the mood a little," she adds.

So. Philly is under attack by an anarchist. Or anarchists, plural. With access to explosives, or at least explosive-like powers.

Well. That could be construed as "exciting."


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