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Friday, August 12, 2005

Holy shit. I know what it's all about now. And it's not very good.

I just had the dream again. But this time, it was different; instead of seeing it in bits and pieces, I saw everything in order.

It started at the 12th Air Command. As Lyra kept talking to me, I could feel control over my own body slowly fading. After I was sapped clean, she said, "That's settled. If you'd kindly follow me..." I left with her; what else could I do?

Outside, she hailed a taxi, and we drove to some warehouse in Manayunk. She made a "These are not the droids you're looking for" gesture to the driver, and he just drove away. She led me into the warehouse, which had pretty much ceased to be a warehouse.

Everything was in white. There were men and women standing about in strange white gowns that vaguely resembled surgical scrubs. In the middle of the whole thing was a small cubicle.

"If you'd enter that cubicle, please," said Lyra. For an abductor, she was remarkably polite. I walked into the cubicle; inside was what looked like a dentist's chair.

"Please disrobe and sit on the chair," she requested. I did as she said, not as if I had a choice. I sat down, and was subjected to a battery of scans and other tests (fortunately, no anal probe). Lyra observed me throughout the tests, and in time, two other scientists came over to discuss the results with her. I could only hear a few words of the conversation, though.

After that, Lyra turned to me, and snapped my fingers. Suddenly, I was able to control myself again. I did the first thing anyone does when confronted by strange people while naked: covered my unmentionables.

"What the fuck is this?" I yelled. "Who do you sickos think you are?"

"Please," said Lyra, "we mean you no harm."

"Yeah, because I've only been drugged, abducted, and subjected to a dignity-killing series of experiments! Nope, no harm there."

"I'm sorry; I just had to make sure I was right."

"Oh, really. Is that why you decided to take my pants off?"

"Please, forgive me," she said, "and let me explain myself."

I decided to quiet down after that. Besides, I was in the presence of many people who could likely put the telepathic whammy on me. Best not to test them.

"My name is Lyra," she said. "These are my colleagues. We come from a different world."

"Funny, you don't look like Martians," I said. That's me; jackass to the end.

"Not another planet," she said calmly. "A parallel world. On our world, humanity evolved differently. Instead of psionic gifts being limited to an extremely narrow subset of the population, they developed throughout most of the population. We lived mostly in prosperity and peace. Then... they came.

"The Kalasi. They came from another world, one where the spoils of war were valued above all else. Their own universe having been raped and pillaged to its limit, they invaded ours. We were unprepared; within two hours, our entire military body was destroyed. Many submitted, but some resisted.

"We watched for decades as the Kalasi used our world as a homebase for raids on other dimensions. Sometimes, they brought back slaves, for purposes of pleasure, conquest, or outright torture. During this time, however, we did not sit idly by. We developed our mental talents, trying to find some way to defeat the Kalasi, or at least warn others of their presence.

"Finally, we stumbled upon a solution: transdimensional teleportation. By using the power of our minds, we were able to bend space to our wills, allowing us to move great distances-- or even across dimensions-- with a mere thought. We used our newfound powers to rid our world of the Kalasi, teleporting them to regions of our world where death would be a certainty-- what you would call 'black holes', and such.

"Some of the Kalasi escaped, though. We did not learn this until a few months ago, when a raiding party emerged over one of our largest cities. We drove them back, but not before they claimed many lives."

"Not that I'm apathetic to your cause, or anything," I said, "but what does this have to do with me?"

"We decided that, if the Kalasi still existed, they would likely be trying to attack other worlds, ones that did not yet know of their presence. We decided that we should try to warn representatives of these worlds of the existence of the Kalasi; not enough to send the population into a panic, but enough to be prepared in case they struck."

"Again, fascinating," I said, "but why me? I'm just a high school graduate with a freshly-minted, zero-readership blog."

"We chose you for a reason," said Lyra. "We realized that if the world should be warned of the Kalasi, they should have someone who could fight against them like we did. Someone who would be able to drive them away with the greatest force."

That's when it hit me. "" I said.

"Most of your people are incapable of handling the mental pressures of this gift. You, on the other hand, are well-suited; your mind is developed enough to withstand any stress. You must have some latent talent."

"Well, it must be pretty fricking latent, because I've never noticed it." I thought for a second. "Wait; I'm just a kid. Why not go to the Statesmen or the New Centurions with this stuff?"

"We shall, in time," she said. "For now, though, we must give you the gift."

"Again; why me? Why are you so sure I won't use this to rob banks or see women naked or launch a coup or something?"

"I scanned your mind while you were under, Greg. I saw a man who wants nothing more than to help change the world for the better, whatever way he can." She came over and caressed my cheek in a somewhat motherly fashion. "This world needs to be prepared. And I cannot think of one better than you to do the job."

I gotta admit, I was floored. "Um... thanks," I said. "I... I guess I accept..."

"Very well," said Lyra. "This will take a few minutes..." She put her hands on the side of my head as if she was weighing it. That's when the strange feelings started. At first it felt like a slight headache. Then it quickly blossomed into a migraine, and from there, a feeling like someone was ripping my brain apart with their bare hands. I could faintly hear Lyra saying, "He's going critical! We'll have to supress it!"... and then there was black. And then I woke up.

So, I was abducted by an extradimensional evolutionary offshoot so I could prepare us all for sociopathic imperialists from another world. Ever wake up and wonder how in Hell you got the life you have?

Well. Better get to work.


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