Doc Tesseract

The adventures of Greg Silverman, retail industry employee, prospective college student and superhero.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

They Knew

I showed up on City Hall last night. Punch and Judy were there, waiting for me... and so was Lady Liberty. I wasted no time getting into it with her.

"Let me guess," I said, "they told you, too."

"Yes," she said.

"You knew what happened to me."

"They told me as much, yes."

"Did they tell you that I didn't know?"


"Did they? Did they tell you that, when I woke up after almost having my head torn open, I thought I'd been raped? Did they tell you that I had to go on three months of vague dreams until, last night, boom! I suddenly find out I'm supposed to save everyone's ass? Did they tell you that?"

"Greg, please." Judy stepped forward. "She only wanted to keep you safe."

"...Judy?" G-ddamnit. "You knew?"

"We both did," said Punch. "We were new on the scene, too. Lady Liberty came to us one night and told us about you. She said... she said we should watch over you until you knew everything."

Damnit, this was just too much.

"All of you?" I yelled. "All of you knew? And none of you told me anything? You didn't think, 'Hey, maybe it would help if we told Greg that he's been hand-picked to fight off an extradimensional barbarian horde'? I trusted you all, g-ddamnit! You were supposed to help me? Then why didn't you let me know?"

"Greg--" Lady Liberty started. I didn't bother; I just ported home, got out of costume, and cried until I fell asleep.

Everyone I trusted just raped me in the ass. Swell.


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