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Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'm Not Dead!

I'm just horribly lazy. Trust me, though; you didn't miss anything exciting.

Classes started Monday, and I've been effectively bulldozed since then. The past few weeks have been relatively quiet here; sure, there's been quite a bit of street crime, but nothing really big. Still, I've been handling solo patrolling pretty well, which is good.

I ported home last weekend to see my parents. There was a lot of hugging, as well as some kissing. We spent a few hours catching up, then I ported home. Next weekend, I'm hoping I can catch up with Punch and Judy.

That's another problem: Tom. He's maintaining insanely long hours. And it's not like he's partying or anything; he stays up until 1 AM studying what little material we have. There's only so many times I can use the "I think I'll go for a walk" excuse when I want to go out on patrol. Maybe if I got my hands on some sleeping gas...


At 3:47 PM, Blogger grkgrl88 said...

I thought a room mate might be a problem. Maybe you can get him to sign up for something in the evenings.

As far as excuses, you could add visiting a friend. :)


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