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Sunday, May 29, 2005

What a Way to Remember

Wow, the patrols have been quiet, lately; the only criminals Quint and I found were two drunken frat boys who were trying to start a fight outside a biker bar. Of course, Quint thinks the quiet just means that something mind-rapingly bad is going to burst out onto the scene. Seeing as he's been doing this for far longer than I have, I've gotta say that I tentatively agree with him.

That's not the strangest part about last night, though. After the frat boys, we called it a night. I came home, went to bed, and had a strange dream about a sundae party in the Gobi Desert (don't even ask). All of a sudden, just as a camel has seized my hot fudge sundae, everything just... shifts.

Suddenly, everything's clearer; it's not like I'm dreaming anymore, but like I'm wide awake. I'm lying on something in a room somewhere. I don't know what's happened to me; hell, I can't even feel anything. I can see something, though: three people, two men and a woman, standing at a distance and just watching me.

And the woman is the girl who drugged me.

I woke right after realizing who it was, and couldn't get back to sleep for a good hour and a half. Why the hell is it coming back to me now? Who is that girl, who are her friends, and why did they give me these powers?


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