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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The World and Stuff

Okay. I think I'm over my little "poor, poor, pitiful me" mood from earlier. Y'know, things aren't that bad. I've got three months to spend with my friends and family before college, and that means a lot of free time to waste like a mofo.

So. Without further ado, I bring you a prelude to actual content: my scattershot opinions.

-Anyone who has seen Shaun of the Dead and has not laughed once has less of a sense of humor than the unholy spawn of Dick Cheney and Sean Penn.
-Superheroes are okay. Yes, that's an actual opinion. Look, I'm not the world's biggest fan of vigilantism (that would be Ted Nugent), but it's not like they're all dictators who get off on punching the crap out of bad guys. At the same time, I really don't think they should be given free reign like some of the more right-leaning hero jockeys say, because I really don't want the world to turn into an Ayn Rand novel. For one thing, the sex would really suck.
-Speaking of superheroes... we need more Jewish superheroes. I'm not exactly the biggest jockey of my faith (I'm a Reform Jew who mainly goes to temple on the holy days alone), but for a race that supposedly controls the world, you'd think we'd have more major asskickers than just Azimuth, Olympia and Phosphor. I mean, there's probably a few more low-level "Jewperheroes" in the US, but they rarely get presstime.
-Speaking of religious minority superheroes, I really think it's cool that the US has Zulfikar. I mean, yeah, he's British, but it's great that he's come over here and gotten the Islam-bashers on the far right to stop yapping so much about the great turbaned threat that will destroy us all.
-Repo Man once famously posited, "Fuck nihilism, at least anarchy's an ethos." Yeah, well, too bad it's a shoddy ethos. I mean, yeah, the WTO has screwed up free trade quite a bit, but does that really require opposing free trade in general? Is it really so antiestablishmentarian to have to bring back tariffs?

There. I've started ranting and raving in a demagogical fashion. I am officially a blogger. See you all tomorrow; I'm gonna go watch CSI, then hit the hay.


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