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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sidekick No More! (Part 1)

I ported in last night on top of City Hall for my little rendezvous. Lady Liberty was waiting; Quint must've filled her in about my little habits.

"You've done very well fighting crime with a superior," she said. "And your raw talent is unfathomable. I want to see how you do with a... contemporary hero."

"Okay. So, where is he?"

"Up here." I turned and looked to the peak of City Hall. Standing up there, balancing on the point, was a girl. She looked to be about my age, but she was a ways off, and it was dark.

"Come on down, Judy. And try to land on your feet this time."

I didn't know whether Lady Liberty was being serious or not, but when Judy jumped, I knew she was joking. She dove from the perch with such grace that she had to have some edge. Super reflexes? Extremely attuned sense of balance? She landed on her feet right in front of me, absorbing the impact of the fall like it didn't even exist.

I finally got a good look at her. She was wearing a harlequin's outfit, black and white diamonds tailored to fit the body well. She wore black boots with curled toes, and a domino mask over a face crowned by black hair.

"Please to meet you," she saidl, extending her hand. "My name's Judy."

I took her hand and shook. "Yeah, I'm Greg," I replied, "but I usually fight crime as Doc Tesseract."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Judy's my alias. My real name is Alice."

Hmm. Judy. Not a big superhero name. I mean, what goes with it? The Uncanny Judy? Judy, the Dark Knight?

Lady Liberty interrupted my train of thought. "Oh, Judy, that reminds me. Where's your father?"

"He's running behind. There was a pileup on the highway earlier. I think he's still helping restore the flow of traffic. Wait." She put her hand to her ear. "Yup. He's coming."

Off in the distance, I heard a strange soft sound. The soft whisper of hydraulics mixing with the bending of joints. A few minutes later, I saw a robot running down the street on all fours, somewhat like Dog in Half-Life 2. When he reached City Hall, he jumped what must have been 200 ft. in the air and poised himself over the roof. I prepared a portal beam to make sure he didn't do anything to punch a hole in the roof, but Judy put her hand out, and the robot's fall began to slow until he was floating like a feather. He finally landed on the roof, and when I looked at him, I knew who he was: the robot who had busted zombie heads with The Silver Bullet.

"Glad you could join us," said Lady Liberty.

"No problem," said the robot. He sounded almost like a middle-aged man, except his voice had a slight metallic tone. Must have been the voice box. "Want to introduce me to this young gentleman?"

"Dad, this is Doc Tesseract," Judy said.

"Pleased to meet you." The robot put out his hand as if to shake. Seeing as it was the size of a honey-baked ham, this produced obvious complications. I gently put my hand in the middle of it, then the robot's hand seized it gently. I was wondering what I would do if my arm got ripped off, but despite its size, the robot was obviously capable of gentle actions.

"And Doc, this is my dad--"

"Let me guess," I said, putting it all together. "Punch."

"Ah, I see you know the classics," said Punch. "Mind you, it's a bit violent, but what you gonna do for a male-female superteam? Bogey and Bacall?"

"Punch has a police scanner as part of his equipment," said Lady Liberty. "That should help keep you better informed while on patrol. I must go now. But good luck to you; we could always use more heroes."

And with that, Lady Liberty leapt off the roof, leaving the three of us to our selves.

"So, uh... where do you wanna start?" I asked.

"How about Rittenhouse Square?" asked Punch.

"Okay. Why?"

"There's a bank robbery going down at the corner of Sansom and 21st."

"Good reason. Stand back, everyone." I pulled up a portal to Rittenhouse Square. Punch bowed to Judy and extended his arm toward the portal. "Ladies first," he said. Judy leapt through, then Punch, then me. This should be good, I thought.

What happened during the robbery? Find out in our next exciting episode!


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