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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sidekick No More! (Part 2)

I'm sorry about the lack of second post yesterday. I had to make it two parts because I was going into Philly with Will and Teresa at 11, and I probably wouldn't have had time to finish the entry. Then when I came back, Blogger was acting up. Ah, well. Better late than never.

We ended up outside the Bank of America on Samson and 21st. I could hear sirens off in the distance. I couldn't see anything inside the bank, though; it was dark, and the windows were tinted black.

Luckily, Judy could tell what was going on. "There are five of them," she said. "Four men, one woman. They've all got submachine guns-- Uzis, to be specific. And one of the guys has a hostage, but he's thinking about how he really can't handle this, so he might not actually kill him if forced into a corner."

"Here's what we do," said Punch. "I'll go in first, so I can provide cover and maybe get some of the guys to drop their guns."

"You think you can do that?" I asked.

"What would you do if you saw a rampaging robot stomping your way?"

Good point. "Okay, then. They've got heavy artillery, so it's not as if I can send them into the loving arms of the law right away. Judy, you've got telekinesis, right?"


"When we get in, I want you to take away their guns. Then I'll port them to the police."

"Sounds good," said Punch. "Okay, on three: one, two..."

And with that, he got down on all fours and ran at full speed through the doors to the bank. Judy and I quickly ran in behind him, and I peeked out at the scene.

The guy with the hostage was in the back, his Uzi pressed to the man's forehead. The woman, who was obviously interrupted while cracking the safe, was firing her gun off at Punch, as were the three other guys. After about ten seconds of this, two of the guys decided, it was better to take their chances with the law, and threw down their guns.

Off in the distance, though, I could see the hostage taker's face screw up. Damnit, he was going to pull the trigger! I darted out from behind Punch, and launched a beam at the hostage. He ended up in front of the Market, while the hostage taker ended up with a bullet in his right shoulder.

My relief was short-lived, as behind me, I could hear a gun go off. I saw marble chip off the wall three inches behind me, and quickly ported outside the bank. When I ran back in, Judy had knocked out the girl and the last guy, while the hostage taker was still hurting.

"Nice job," she said. "Now let's round these guys up." We ported the three guys and the girl to the police station, and the hostage taker to the emergency room at Pennsylvania. On our way out, we told the police where they could find the guy, and then ported to back on top of City Hall.

After that, there wasn't much else for the night. We passed the time by talking about civilian life. It turns out Punch runs a children's theatre in Center City, and Judy often acts in the productions. Judy discovered her psychic powers at the same time Punch discovered he was a technopath (a guy who can control advanced machinery with his thoughts*). They wouldn't tell me where they got the robot, though.

At about 1 AM, I had to call it a night. Punch and Judy did, too; they had to prepare for the final dress rehearsal for Into the Woods, which would be opening Saturday (which was why I wasn't out patrolling last night). I ended up going home and going to bed.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

*Advanced machinery only, though. He complained about how he could hack data banks in a second, but not fix his toaster.


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